The Origin Of Sleep

by Autumn Tears

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St:Leorik thumbnail
St:Leorik Very touching and heartfelt execution. The world needs such piercing songs. Favorite track: Chasing the Void.
flochie thumbnail
flochie I love it because it's quiet music and the lyrics are very (harmonieuses). I prefere the second title.
Givre thumbnail
Givre beautiful and stunning ! what a incredible comeback. Favorite track: Shaping A Fragile Utopia.
Andy_FrF thumbnail
Andy_FrF Thanks for this nice work! Waiting for the Cd now.
Oneiros Erebus
Oneiros Erebus thumbnail
Oneiros Erebus A truly masterpiece! Thank you for coming back! :-) Favorite track: The Ghost Beside Me.


After 10 years of silence, Autumn Tears is back with our new 2018 CD EP "The Origin of Sleep", featuring a full string and horn section, woodwinds, harp and orchestral percussion.

"The Origin of Sleep" Features the amazing vocal talents of Irish singer / songwriter / harpist Brona McVittie, as well as original Autumn Tears woodwind player Terran Olson (maudlin of the Well). Among the many talented musicians featured are French horn player John Clark, who has performed with Joni Mitchell, Sting, Luther Vandross and a slew of others, as well as harpist Tom Moth from Florence and the Machine and veteran Autumn Tears vocalist Jennifer LeeAnna.

Mastered by Peter Bjärgö from Arcana (Swe) at his Erebus Odora studio. Cover artwork by Kishor Haulenbeek. The five songs on this EP are exclusive to this release and will not appear on our upcoming full length album in 2018.


released February 1, 2018

Composition, arrangements, lyrics, piano: Ted Tringo
Lead and backing vocals, vocal arrangements: Brona McVittie
Lead Violin and string arrangements: Brian Schmidt
Lead Violin and string arrangements: Julian Spiro
Backing vocals: Jennifer Judd
Viola: Kelly Ralston
Cello: Molly Leigh Jones
Flute, Clarinet: Terran Olson
French Horn: John Clark
Trumpet: Chad Bell
Trombone: Petar Milanovic
Classical Harp: Tom Moth
Snare drums: George Ball
Orchestral Percussion: Anubis
Orchestral composition on "Chasing The Void": Joshua Empyre
Solo Violin on "Chasing The Void": Gustavo Eiriz
Solo Viola on "Chasing The Void": Nicolaj Møller Nielsen
Flute on The "Ghost Beside Me": Marybeth Kern
Cello on "Shaping A Fragile Utopia": Luke Payne
Cover Artwork: Kishor Haulenbeek
Mastered by Peter Bjärgö at Erebus Odora studio


all rights reserved



Autumn Tears Billerica, Massachusetts

After the highly acclaimed 2019 full length release "Colors Hidden Within the Gray", we are thrilled to present our newest offering "The Air Below The Water", featuring 90 minutes of brand new music.

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Track Name: Chasing the Void
They watch with closed eyes....
speaking through us, becoming us... yet still they stray
channeling their voices, singing in unison until the end of days
wailing... chasing the void

It's so quiet... like a birth in the aether
A nameless child claws free from the womb
a moment of clarity... compassion...
clinging on, now slipping into death's cradle

We watch with closed eyes....
breathing through us, welcoming us... yet still we stray
channeling their agony
grieving in unison until the end of days
wailing... embracing the void

Vengeful apparitions masquerade among us
Baring a guise of benevolence and mercy
A delusion which we choose to ignore
What fools...

We should be so grateful just to be awake,
and endlessly relive our darkest days

It is so close now. So very close...
Track Name: The Ghost Beside Me
I am always and never alone
Whispers in my ear when I close my eyes
And dream of running barefoot
through the poppy fields
and dancing in misty meadows

With each briny breath
I can almost remember
The blood in my veins

My reflection in the watery mirror
And a glowing sun beneath the waves
As voice is carried away by the wistful breeze
I slip away from you, and from me

I sleep soundlessly in my river bed
The wind and cold water
Shining wounds reflected within the red ripples
Like little smiling faces under glass
washing away the memories
The sun ever gleaming in my eyes

Eyes which I can no longer close
So very tired now and sleep will come quick
The last secret I will keep with me
Forgive me for leaving, but I am just so tired
Now I finally feel safe
The Ghost beside me... is me
Track Name: Breathing Beneath The Soil
Track Name: Shaping A Fragile Utopia
Cast your eyes to behold me...

Another day comes to swallow the stars
Morning takes hold and shapes the things to come
I can’t recover life before my wish to fly
Feathers falling slowly... gray like the clouds which blanket sky

A discord rises and echoes with one voice
nothing comes from passive means
Not having learned to live
I will wait for you

Cast your eyes to behold me
mother of creation
forger of light
bringer of darkness

Born into light... and into darkness
an enigma of twisted fate
Born into light...
A heart beats

Breathing life is no simple thing
Blooming Earth takes her steps slowly
Cautiously dreaming of years unchanging
All I can do now is comfort her pain
When summer snow burns night torn shade
When the requiem is sung for each new day
When all things undone... I will return

Cast your eyes to behold me...

We grow old within the womb... all is undone

Cast your eyes to behold me
mother of creation
forger of light
bringer of darkness
Track Name: The Origin Of Sleep
I am a little girl
chasing butterflies
remembering all that was
yet still I sleep in mother's arms
why can I not wake?

I am a baby
dreaming of birds and thistle
flowers and stone
and creatures of the earth
I remember many years from now
yet still I sleep
cradled in mother's arms
why can I not wake?

I am a woman
asleep by the river bed
I speak to myself
for so very long now
I’m so very cold
so very still
lungs rife with stagnant air
why can I not wake?

mother hold me
cradle me close to you
and kiss me goodbye
lay my body to the ground
that I may bloom
to seed the soil

I am a little girl again
running through poppy fields
dancing through misty meadows
chasing butterflies
chasing myself to sleep
remembering so many years ago
cradled in mother's arms
and again.... I sleep

I am a baby
sleeping again
in mother's womb
remembering all that was
fading now... I am awake

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